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5960 Evergreen Ave.
Portage, IN 46368
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“Offering personalized attention for the pet you love…”

We met Tina Nichols 2 years ago, when we took our little boy Bullet, in to have him groomed. We were a little apprehensive on how he would behave, because he does not like to be groomed at home. But that all changed when we met Tina. She is great with the animals, she makes them feel relaxed, it’s a very low stress home atmosphere at Tinibaybeez, where your pet can runaround and play with the other dogs and not have to be confined to a tiny little cage. Bullet liked it so much, and we were shockingly surprised that he was so well behaved for her. Tinibaybeez is like going to the spa, but only for your pets. Tina gives them a double bath and hand blow drys them, she even puts pretty little bows in their hair for the girls or bandannas for your little boy, and some doggie cologne (if requested). It is a full service salon for your pet. Tina also does adorable keepsake photos of your pet, and if it’s around any holidays, the backdrop for your pictures match the season. Bullet loved going there so much, that when we added to our family with our girls, we knew that the obvious choice was Tinibaybeez for the girls too! They all get so excited every month when we tell them they are going to the puppy spa, they run through the house barking and making all kinds of noise, and wait by the door to go and see Tina.

So give Tinibaybeez a call, and get your pups in for a little pampering with Tina, we know they’ll love you for it!

Helping you capture the moments in your life before they flutter by.

Kelly Garbart is the owner and artist behind Monarch Studio. We have
personally used her to photograph Bullet, Dolce, and Bella and we admire not only her portraits, but also her work with logo design and editing. She has designed the labels for all our packaging here at Decadent Doggie!. She specializes in portraits (pregnancy,family,infants,children,pets,seniors), photo editing and retouching, special effects for photos, vibrant black&white photography. We respect Kelly for her talent in her craft.

Life moves so quickly don’t miss out on those milestones in your life or those that you love. Contact Kelly, she is always open to new challenges and ideas.