Mission Statement

To provide your pet with a safe, healthy, all-natural dog treat, that your pet is sure to love! We put our love of animals into each piece that we make (from slicing, dehydrating, to packaging) its all done with TLC for our pets and now for yours too! We do NOT feed anything to our little fur babies or yours, that we (ourselves, or you) could not eat. We here at Decadent Doggie! eat healthy and are conscious about our diets and nutrition. Why not do the same for your pet? Decadent Doggie! also wants to make a goal to raise awareness on the dangers of products “Made in China”. We believe that the more attention we raise to this issue and the more there are healthy treats (“Made in the USA”) available, the less sick pets there will be! Your pets health is number one here at Decadent Doggie!